Smart gas meter

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Smart Meter AZ-77535 Handheld CO2 Detector ,Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector Tester CO2/Temp./RH Meter

Low cost portable meter checking indoor air quality
Big LCD displays CO2 ,temp. & humidity simultaneously
Designed with NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) waveguide technology CO2 sensor
Manual calibration is recommended
Warning carbon dioxide level programmable

SMART SENSOR Digital Combustible Gas Leak Detector AS8902 High Sensivity Natural Gas Meter Large LCD Backlit Alarm

Large LCD screen with high density backlight
High sensitive imported gas sensor and accurate measurement, measurement range 0~100% LEL, resolution 1% LEL
Sound and light alarming, Adjustable Alarm value,alarm sound can up to 80 db
Rechargable 3.7V li-battery can be reused and long time monitoring and detection
Certified by CNEX explosive-proof, IP54 class, a very safety combustible gas leak detector

Natural Gas / Propane Detector, Home Gas Alarm, Monitor Combustible Gas Levels: Methane, LPG Petroleum Gas, LNG, Butane; Displays Concentrations on LED, Leak Safety, Prevents Fire Hazards / Explosions

SAFETY – Never again WORRY that the stove gas has been left on accidentally. This detector will sound an 85dB alarm with flashing lights when it detects combustible gases including kitchen methane / natural gas or camping propane before it reaches an explosive level leading to fires. Rest assured that your family is safe.
SCIENTIFIC – This monitor precisely measures and displays concentration of combustible gas as an easy-to-read percentage from 0% to 20%. View the concentration of combustible gas on the OLED screen before it reaches its explosive concentration level. Audible alarm sounds when gas level reaches 5% of Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).
ECONOMICAL & GREEN – Use with a power bank battery for extra portability. This alarm uses only 110 mA of current and <0.55 watts of electricity, a small price for peace of mind. This monitor will also help prevent someone leaving on the stove, reducing your gas bill.
DURABLE – Shelled in double-sided ABS, this product is anti-mildew, anti-pest, and anti-corrosive. Wipes clean easily. Use in the kitchen or in your camper.
ORIGINAL DESIGN & USA SUPPORT – We have worked with the supplier that holds this product’s design rights so we are sure this item is tried and tested. We stand 100% behind our product.

Portable PM2.5 Detector Monitor Air Quality Detect PM 2.5 Monitor Haze Dust Tester Meter High Accuracy for Indoor Outdoor Car Measurement by IGERESS

  • Accurate to detect PM2.5 in air by PM2.5 Laser Detection Sensor technology and artificial intelligence.
  • Easy to carry with the super mini pocket size and light weight – monitor air quality wherever you are ; build in rechargeable battery can charged via USB cable.
  • LED display screen indicating PM2.5 pollution level.Very good and helpful for environmental protection.
  • The high quality PM 2.5 detector is suitable for home, office, outdoor, car and other places.
  • Easy to operation, a real-time PM2.5 air quality monitor instrument used to monitor the concentration of PM2.5 in the indoor environment.